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24 January 2018Medieval Illustrated Manuscripts
22 November 2017Celebrating Dickens' Christmas Carol 175years on.
25 October 2017Psychology of a City- the archaeology of St. Petersburg
21 October 2017Graffiti - Is it Street Art
27 September 2017Velazquez & Goya - Traditionalist of Modern Masters?
27 September 2017Velaquez & Goya- traditionalists or modern masters?
26 July 2017The delectable art of deception-Trompe L'oeil ceramics Please note 7:15 start
28 June 2017Legend & Lustre- Jim Thompson and Thai silk Please note 7:15 Start
24 May 2017Romancing the rails-British Rail art on track with the best
26 April 2017Adventures in 3 Dimensions-20th Century Sculpture in Britain
22 March 2017Guerra, Guerra-Music, Art & War
22 February 2017Cardiff Castle
25 January 2017Inspired by Stonehenge
23 November 2016‘Singe we Yule!’ - A Musical Portrait of Medieval Christmas
26 October 2016Photography in Paris: Atget, Man Ray and Brassai
27 September 2016An Historical Journey through the Eyes of Egyptian Oriental Raqs Balardi
27 July 2016Nature in Art
28 June 2016The Stone of Heaven - Jade
25 May 2016Liberty - Artistic and Durable Liberty from the Beginning to Now
27 April 2016Public Art Collections
23 March 2016Great Country House of the Czech Republic
24 February 2016Bristol's Banksy - Street Art?
27 January 2016The Walls of Lucca - Art and Architecture
25 November 2015The Journey of the Magi: 1700 Years of the Three Kings
28 October 2015Medieval Form and Colour Inspiring New Work at St Alban’s Cathedral
22 September 2015The Medici and the Magnificence of Mother Nature, Gardens and Villas of Poggio a Caiano, Pratolino, Castello and Boboli
22 July 2015Understanding Abstract Art
23 June 2015The Secret Story of Ruskin Pottery
27 May 2015Bess of Hardwick and Hardwick Hall
22 April 2015Scandinavian 20th Century Glass
25 March 2015England's Green and Pleasant Land: English Landscape Artists
25 February 2015Norman Rockwell: Great American Artist or Mere Illustrator?
28 January 2015One Architect, Two Temples and Three Museums: the Adventures of Charles Robert Cockerell
26 November 2014Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh – Why Those Gifts?
22 October 2014William Kent – the Artistic Genius of Palladian England
23 September 2014Inessential Necessities in 18th Century England – Snuff Boxes, Patch Boxes, Etui, Bonbonnieres etc
23 July 2014Behind the Veil: the Arts of Islamic Persia
24 June 2014St Ives – the Artists and the Community: a Social History [1860-1930]
28 May 2014Silver in Birmingham since 1773
23 April 2014St Petersburg and the Hermitage – A Story of Emperors, Empresses, Empires and Art
26 March 2014The Art and Beauty of Old Maps of the World
26 February 2014Fabergé: The Life and Work of the World’s Greatest Goldsmith
22 January 2014The Shakers: Their Beliefs, Architecture and Artefacts
27 November 2013O Yes it is!! – History of Pantomime from Ancient to Modern
23 October 2013The Habsburgs
24 September 2013The Black Death: A Turning Point in the Arts
24 July 2013Scottish Colourists – Style and Sophistication for the Jazz Age
25 June 2013Picture This – How to Read Portraits
22 May 2013Van Dyck and his Sitters
24 April 2013The Architecture and History of Georgian Bath
27 March 2013Art and Architecture in Shakespeare’s England
27 February 2013Lutyens and Jekyll
23 January 2013Faberge- the World’s Greatest Goldsmith

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Medieval Illustrated Manuscripts Dr. Janina Ramirez Wednesday 24 January 2018

Dr Janina Ramirez is a cultural historian, broadcaster and author based at the University of Oxford with a passion for communicating ideas about the past.

Her  research began with a degree in English literature at Oxford, followed by an MA and PhD at the Centre for Medieval Studies in York on the art, literature and culture of Anglo-Saxon England. Her interests have constantly branched outwards in all directions as she has taught more broadly on everything from classical architecture to the work of Tracey Emin.